National Cake Week

No ordinary Victoria Sponge

10th – 16th October 2011

National Cake Week is all about baking a cake and getting together with family and friends. No competition, no judging, just having fun and eating lots of cake.

Pick a day in the National Cake Week to have your gathering. Invite people to bake a cake and bring it along to your party. Share in the joy of creating something so nice and wonderful as the humble cake.

Cupcakes have their special place in the world, but we shouldn’t forget there are some wonderful cakes out there. Recipes locked away in old books, new recipes never tried. The cake is screaming to have it’s say in the world. So lets give it the headline it deserves.

Let me know if you’re holding a National Cake Week Party and I’ll add it to the events page. I will need the Location -City, time and date. 

And remember.

It’s all about Cake.